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Spring Cleaning: 21 Uses for Everday Items to Organize

Spring is in the air- and it is time for Spring cleaning! AH, what a wonderful feeling to open those blinds, crack the windows, and let the sun shine in while you are putting the Winter stuff away and unpacking Spring. Now, if you know me you know that I have a small obsession with being organized. However, being frugal, I am not going to go to The Container Store or Target and spend my life savings in plastic organization systems. Not only do I want it to be budget perfect, I don’t want it to look like something that’s purpose is just to organize.

Step in Real Simple magazine. I <3 Real Simple magazine! With Spring now here, I am going to feature a few of my favorite articles from Real Simple magazine throughout the week to help you get your Spring cleaning done without breaking the bank and making your house look great. Most of the items inside the articles I am sure you could find at a Yard Sale!


  1. Coat Rack for Jewelry Organizer
  2. Nail Polish as Key Coder
  3. Business Card Holder as Sugar Pack Carrier
  4. Laundry Bag for Dish Washer
  5. Matchbox as Travel Size Sewing Kit
  6. Tall Vase as Toilet Paper Holder
  7. Magnetic Clip as Recipe Holder
  8. Bubble Wrap as Travel Jewelry Organizer
  9. Toilet Paper Roll as Cord Keeper
  10. Rubber Bands as Strap Holders
  11. Tissue Box as Grocery Bag Holder
  12. Mailing Tubes as Free From Wrinkle Fabric Keepers
  13. Shower Cady for Different Uses
  14. Desk Paper Organizer as Cutting Board/Pan Holder
  15. Contact Lens Case as Pill Keeper
  16. CD Case as Recipe Holder
  17. Return Address as Labels
  18. Napkin Holder as Bill Organizer
  19. Popcorn as Packing Material
  20. Binder Clip as Money Clip/Key Holder
  21. Dustpan as Toy Gatherer

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Monday: 40 Freezer Meals in 4 Hours!

If you are anything like me, you start your Monday with GREAT EXPECTATIONS for the week. For example, this may or may not be my task list for the week:

1. Start Christmas shopping

2. Make a home-cooked meal every night

3. Don’t get behind on laundry

4. Buy kids new shoes

5. Prepare outfits of family pictures

…and so on and so forth. Now, how many of those will I actually get done? Probably not half. But I will try to! Fact is, life happens and our to-do lists get longer as the week gets shorter. But my #2 on the list is on my list every week, because that is what is most important to me. Home cooked meals not only save you money but it is a great way to have some family time in the evenings over dinner. Plus it scores brownie points with the husband when a hot meal is waiting when he gets home from work, right?!

“Who needs a cape?” has put together an awesome plan for 40 crock pot freezer meals in 4 hours. She includes a list, instructions, ingredients, and even a shopping list!

Go over and check it out, tell her sent you!

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Give a little, Get a little!

Government shutdown = FREE coffee?

Apparently Starbucks thinks so! They are trying to teach our politicians to scratch each other’s back by offering FREE coffee to anyone who treats another person to one.

Will they teach D.C. to have a heart? Maybe, maybe not. But at least we will all be caffeinated during this mess! Head over HERE for all the details.

Tell us what you think, will the FREE Starbucks get our government back to business or is this just a publicity stunt? Go to the ESM Facebook page now.

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Welcome to October!

I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers, how about you? October is my favorite month. I break out the pumpkin spice candles, cookbooks, and fall decorations. I paint my nails colors of brown, while wishing for the day that I walk outside and need a light jacket. We plan trips to the mountains to visit my family, where we can watch Fall as it creeps in on the leaves. I love October because October means Fall!

What does Fall mean to all of us deal hunters?

  1. BAKING SUPPLIES ON SALE! This is a great time to stock up on baking essentials. Many stores run sales and the newspaper and online coupon sites are filled with discounts for those baking items we need during the holiday season. Stock up! It’s feast or famine with discounts on these items.
  2. AMAZON DEALS ARE BACK! I love Christmas shopping on Amazon. I don’t even have to get dressed to score hot deals on items on my list!
  3. CONSIGNMENT SALES! With the season swap, many consignment sales are having their seasonal sales. This is a great time to not only stock up on a new wardrobe for you or the kids but also a good time to sell your stuff to make money for the gift buying season!
  4. SCHOOL SUPPLIES CLEARANCE! Now that back to school shopping is over, many stores have marked down their overstock. Grab it while you can! Come January, the kids will need new school supplies and you will be left buying it at full price. Get extras and stash it in your spare closet while it is marked down.

There are many reasons why I love Fall, but the deals that we score during this season are definetely near the top of my list! Head over to the ESM Facebook page and tell us the best deal you have scored.

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I Switched!

I bit the bullet. I did what I thought I would never do. I switched to Verizon.

I have been a faithful member of the AT&T universe for over a decade now, and I ended our marriage today. It was sad to hear the words “When I port this number your ties with AT&T will be severed…” but after it happened came the most amazing thing……


It is AWESOME! Service going down the road, service when I am in my kitchen, and service when I walk from one place to another! Who’d a thought a girl would be this happy over clear, uninterrupted, YOU CAN HEAR ME NOW service!

Here are a few money saving tips for you when buying/switching cell providers

  1. Ask for employer/military discounts- lots of companies offer you a percentage off of your bill at major cell providers or cellular companies offer discounts to service men and women
  2. Check for mail in rebates or special deals for switching- Look for phones with mail in rebates or special deals if you are ditching one company for the next
  3. Break your contract free- If your cell company isn’t holding up their end of the bargain, let them know! They will discount your bill or in some cases let you break contract with no charge
  4. Use the 14 days- Cell companies give you 14 days to try out a phone, so use it! You may have thought that an iPhone wasn’t for you, but at least try it out and return it if you do not like it. Try out the “FREE” right now phone and see if you like it better than your previous one!
Do you have tips of your own? Head over to our ESM Facebook Page and tell us!
This post is sponsored by my euphoric state of mind because I finally have cell service in my home! Verizon did not sponsor this post in any way :)

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. When you use them, you help support this site. Thanks so much!

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