We Love Disney {Planning Your Trip}


We love Disney. Yep, we are THAT family. In fact, I was tickled to death last week when my husband on a whim said “let’s go back to Disney” which was quickly followed by me thinking to myself, don’t ask questions just start planning before he comes back to his mind. So I did! But what you guys want to know is what is the first thing ESM does in her Disney planning  adventure. You want me to be honest? CALL MY TRAVEL AGENT

Why would you not use a travel agent when planning Disney, y’all? It is 100% FREE!



Why do I use a travel agent:

  1. Best Price- She pulls different resorts, dates, & options for me that would take me HOURS to do, plus she knows what dates are best when booking. Like if you travel Sunday-Friday it is much cheaper than Wednesday-Sunday. Without researching or knowing from experience, travel agents are the ones that know this. Don’t like your travel agent? Hang in there, I am almost there…
  2. Dining Reservations- There are many reasons we go to Disney, but eating is definitely in my top 5. I pack my “Joey from Friends” pants, you know the ones that stretch, because we eat and eat and eat. And it is good food! I’ll share my favorite restaurant picks with y’all in this series. You don’t want to miss that post if you are a foodie, because we are!
  3. Park Days- Travel agents have a special program, atop what you find online, that is an exact measure of what the park population is expected to be each day while you are there. Now there are charts that you could use online to help, but it isn’t as savvy as the one the travel agents have. A friend of mine who was a travel agent shared this with me and showed it to me, WOWZERS! Super cool! Now I trust my travel agent to plan my days because they just know you guys!
  4. Expertise- Do you trust a traffic light to tell you when to go or do you decide when to drive yourself without looking at the light? Well, some of you can’t drive so you don’t count but MOST of us use the traffic signals. They are free to use plus it is the expert, if you follow the traffic lights and signs you will have a successful trip, no wrecks or wrong turns. My travel agent is my traffic light & signs. She is free to use and makes my trip the most successful it could ever be! I am no Disney travel expert when it comes to dates, times, places, reservations, etc. I would rather focus on tips, tricks, discounts, and having fun with my family around the park than the hotel reservations!

You may have tried a travel agent before and had a bad experience or you may have never tried one, so for kicks and giggles next Disney trip you plan use Glass Slipper Concierge. They have planned my last 4 trips to Disney and I have never had one hiccup, speed bump, or roadblock. We have had the best trip each time and enjoyed our vacation so much.


You guys want to know my secret, my smoking gun, my right-hand Disney planning man? Her name is Tammy with Glass Slipper Concierge and you can find her planning page on Facebook. Guess what? You email her, and within the day you get a response back! From a person, not a 1-800 number, and she speaks english! It is a wonderful service that Tammy & Glass Slipper Concierge provides so USE IT! I promise, you will not regret it.

So what’s next in our series?

  • Saving on Souveniers
  • Favorite Eats
  • Favorite Resorts
  • How to fly?
  • How to drive?
  • Tricks to the buses & park closings
  • Behind the scenes & extras

Y’all, you don’t want to miss this. I am going to be writing my whole planning process to share with you guys so you can have all my tips & tricks. So set the page as your homepage, subscribe to our newsletter, heck-you can even add me to your family tree if it will remind you to keep up with this series! It is THAT important for all Disney lovers! See ya real soon!

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Rough Day Giveaway {GRAB BAG WINNER}

Y’all! It has been one rough day! So to make things lighter we held a quick “lunch break giveaway” on the EasternShoreMom.com Facebook page. If you aren’t following us on there, you aren’t one of the cool kids. Kidding, but really you aren’t. 

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

With the giveaway I posted the above photo of some of my favorite oils to ease headaches, because it is only mid-day and I have a big honker of one! If you haven’t tried Young Living oils, you aren’t one of the cool kids either. Kidding, but seriously you need to try them! Last night we ended our gift card deal but since today has been such a rough day for me, I am extending it. I have 2 gift cards left to giveaway so hurry up and grab yours, this is too good of a deal to miss!

The WINNER of our Facebook Giveaway of a grab bag of some of my favorite oils for stressful, headache filled days is…

Congrats, Girl!

Congrats, Girl!

Now hurry, join the cool kids crowd & check out our Facebook page & order these oils! I promise to you now, you will THANK ME 1 WEEK INTO IT! Excuse me while I go apply peppermint & valor to my throbbing head and smile while everyone around me tries to figure out where that strong peppermint smell is coming from… Ha!

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Winner Winner Chicken Dinner {$25 VISA Giveaway Winner}


Congrats to our winner! Stay tuned, we have plenty more giveaways going on the ESM Facebook Page throughout the next few weeks as we transition our website.

You may notice that we are looking a little different these days, and it will change a lot over the next few weeks! We are trying out new looks to suite the new and improved ESM, so excuse our mess and pardon our progress during construction. I promise you will LOVE the end result!

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Our Journey into Young Living Oils {Day 3}

{Where we left off}

Whew! It feels like forever since I typed day 2, and it was only 1 day ago! This Summer is a busy one for our family to say the least. God has blessed us with tremendous life changes over the past month. My husband was afforded the option to become a part-time stay at home dad & a part-time help for me with our business. When he did this, he left his full-time job in public service which is the biggest blessing of all! Now, he spends all of his time with us. No more being called out of family functions or missing out on the kids “big moments”. We are all together as a family and able to enjoy running our family business while being home with the kids together. And very busy.
>insert application of busy mom’s essential oils here<

click to enlarge photo

click to enlarge photo

MEANWHILE back to our oils….

I promised to give you some of our insider trading secrets to Young Living essential oils. When I started looking at purchasing the oils, I will be honest: I did not purchase the premium starter kit. I started with buying an individual oil (Lavender to be exact) and I regretted it. Bad. Not because there was anything wrong with the oil but because I wanted that dang diffuser so.bad.I.could.taste.it!

I had heard amazing stories of the diffuser. It promised a better night’s sleep, wonderful aromas of oils, combining oils to kill germs & fight off viruses, and many more benefits! I had to have this diffuser, y’all! So Valentine’s Day rolled around. My sweet, incredible husband fought the masses at Bell Air Mall in Mobile and went to Dillards to buy me, not a diffuser, a Clarisonic. You see, I had raved over wanting one for months and months and he knew just what to get me for Valentine’s Day! So you can only imagine his surprise when I opened my beautifully wrapped facial cleanser during our romantic candlelight dinner at home that night in February and I said “Oh honey I love it! But, I think I would rather return it and buy the premium starter kit for Young Living Oils!”. There was a lot of conversation on how he didn’t want me to waist my Valentine’s Day gift on oils that the whole family would use, and not just something for me. Yadda Yadda. But he gave up. Knowing me, and how I hate to spend that much money on anything, he understood I was going to pick one or the other. And I picked the oils & that amazing diffuser!

So I called my girlfriend Sara, who ironically I met at a coupon class I taught several years ago, and had her rush ship me the Young Living starter kit. $186 and some change with the express 2 day shipping. Clarisonic was happily returned to Dillard’s the next day. Best decision I ever made!

{Your Starter Kit}

click to enlarge photo

click to enlarge photo

So I want ALL OF YOU to try this starter kit too! But knowing how much of an investment it is, I want to offer you a discount just for being EasternShoreMom.com readers.


So from now until the end of the day on Wednesday you can get a FREE $30 VISA GIFT CARD whenever you buy the premium starter kit through our member number.

You can find all the instructions for ordering here in the notes section of ESM on Facebook. You will see all the items that you get in the starter kit in the picture above. Wowzers it’s a lot of goodness! $300 worth of goodness to be exact. For $150. Then you get a FREE $30 gift card! So it’s like you are getting $300 worth of stuff for $120!

I hope you enjoy this discount! It’s my gift to you to get your family started in this “Oil Thang” that you won’t ever regret trying. It is the best blessing from God for our family!

Stay tuned for Day 4, as I open up my oil collection for you & tell you the good, the bad, & the ugly. Plus I share my first “oil pulling” experience with you! Things could get interesting…

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Our Journey into Young Living Essential Oils {Day 2}

{The Diagnosis}


So when I left you guys yesterday, I was at the part of our story where I had received a diagnosis from my doctor. That diagnosis was that I have Meniere’s Disease. For those that have never heard of this, Google it. There are too many symptoms to list but the most important thing I heard when the specialist was explaining this to my husband and I was “there is no cure”. Meaning for the rest of my life I will suffer from the debilitating condition. Hearing loss, drop attacks, and severe vertigo are only a few of the common symptoms that I suffer from, and none of those fit into my lifestyle. I am a very busy mother of 4 who loves to go-go-go! The “no cure” diagnosis was not something I was ready to deal with.

So I started researching in my oils, and there were lots of different ones that helped with these symptoms. It has been a journey trying each one for a few days and learning which ones help me the most. The most recent one I have been trying is called Copaiba Oil, which is applied to you “neat” behind the ears & on the back of the neck. Just a few days into this one and I already see a difference in the way my body feels soon after I apply.

{Our Family Favorites}

Other than for Meniere’s, what other oils are our “family favorites”?
(Interested in ordering? See the exclusive ESM offer below)


Progessence Plus
Girls- this one is awesome. It has a million different benefits ranging from helping with symptoms of PMS or Fibromialgia to even helping with trying to conceive! I am posting a PDF about this oil and it’s benefits on our Facebook Page, so go and read more. You won’t regret it!

Lavender oil helps with everything. From scars to rashes to allergies to boo-boo’s to helping you sleep, we use Lavender for everything! Plus I love to add 2-3 drops in a hot bath, grab a magazine, and just relax. The smell of Lavender is enough to make every muscle on your body sigh in relief. Trust me, Lavender will be your “go to” oil too.

Lemon oil is one we love to use as a flavor additive in our water. Lemon EO is actually a weight loss helper, too! Not only drinking it, Lemon oil is great to use while cleaning, it degreases & gets stuck-on-stuff off great!

Peace & Calming
It is what it says, our peace & calming. I diffuse this or apply it neat to the bottoms of the kids’ feet, 5 minutes later they are calmed down and ready for bed. With 3 boys, this sucker is a miracle worker! I love to diffuse P&C with Lavender oil before bedtime for us too, it makes for such an incredible night’s sleep.

Oooooo how I love this stuff! I diffuse it while I clean to rid the air of the toxins from cleaning or any dust that I have brushed up from vacuuming. I also apply this neat to our throats when they start feeling scratchy or on a blemish that looks like it’s about to surface. It’s a must-have oil for us!

We are germ-a-PHOBES! So Thieves is definitely always on my person. You can use Thieves to help disinfect while cleaning neat or diffuse it. Any time it sounds like their is a sickness in the air, I break out the Thieves and diffuser, just ask my family. It smells HEAVENLY. Like cinnamon apple. Yum! That plus all of it’s benefits make it one of YL’s best selling oils. You can add a drop to toothpaste to whiten teeth, or they even make a Thieves toothpaste! Thieves has a whole product line to it like cleaners, soap, toothpaste, all sorts of stuff!

So those are our favorite oils, you’ll want to stay tuned to tomorrow because I am going to give you all my “insider trading” secrets to Young Living Essential Oils!

{Exclusive ESM Offer}

Right now we are offering YOU a special deal to get started with essential oils for your family! The first 10 people that order the premium starter kit will get a $25 VISA GIFT CARD plus be entered to win a FREE 15ml bottle of Peppermint or Lavender (a $30 estimated value). Email us now for information on how to get started or visit the Facebook page and send a message. 

Information about Getting Started with Young Living Essential Oils & Information aboutOrdering Your Premium Starter Kit see these links. To qualify for the contest & gift card, you must use the reference number listed on the bottom of those articles to order your kit. If you aren’t interested in ordering the starter kit, we will offer your 24% off of the retail price on individual bottle of oil purchases. 

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Our “Crunchy” Journey into Young Living Essential Oils

{Confession Time}


Used to, my nights were filled with surfing the internet to find the freebies I could snag or coupons I was needing to print. Now, I usually spend a few minutes each day researching healthier options for my family.

Yep. I’ve become “that girl”. The girl I used to make fun of. That girl that buys organic, and tells her kids to dangers of eating processed food. That girl that doesn’t let her kids drink fun-colored drinks because of fear of the dye. I am THAT GIRL. Let’s get this straight though I am still very much a Chic Fil A loving, CocaCola addicted, TV watching, & chocolate eating normal person. Just a lot more conscious of what I am letting my family be exposed to then I used to be.


{The Start of it All}

It all started about a year ago, when a friend at work was telling me of her experience with Essential Oils. So after our conversation about how they were doing incredible things for her family, I took to the local health foods store. HOLY MOLY THOSE THINGS WERE EXPENSIVE! Not only were they expensive, but when I read more into it the oils I saw at the health foods store weren’t the ones that experts recommended to buy. It was the 100% organic, seed-to-seal Young Living essential oils that were recommended for the best results and those were even MORE money! So I started reading, and reading, and reading some more on articles like this one. I started praying, even involving Nick in my research and prayers about these oils. What we uncovered was a lot of articles like this one on where essential oils are mentioned in the bible! “How Cool!” we both said to one another, the more we read on this the more we knew this investment was the right one for our family.


So we started off with the premium starter kit (pictured above), the one that gave us more bang for our buck (naturally, at least I would be getting a good deal if I was forking out this seemingly large sum of money). Boy did I not know what I was getting myself into! Over the next few months of using the oils, God would move in our lives using these oils in a way I could never have imagined.

{Stay Tuned}

I will share more about our family’s journey with Young Living Essential Oils in day 2 of this series starting with the diagnosis I was given from my doctor…

Right now we are offering YOU a special deal to get started with essential oils for your family! The first 10 people that order the premium starter kit will get a $25 VISA GIFT CARD plus be entered to win a FREE 15ml bottle of Peppermint or Lavender (a $30 estimated value). Email us now for information on how to get started or visit the Facebook page and send a message. 

Information about Getting Started with Young Living Essential Oils & Information about Ordering Your Premium Starter Kit see these links. To qualify for the contest & gift card, you must use the reference number listed on the bottom of those articles to order your kit.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. When you use them, you help support this site. Thanks so much!

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Spring Cleaning: 21 Uses for Everday Items to Organize

Spring is in the air- and it is time for Spring cleaning! AH, what a wonderful feeling to open those blinds, crack the windows, and let the sun shine in while you are putting the Winter stuff away and unpacking Spring. Now, if you know me you know that I have a small obsession with being organized. However, being frugal, I am not going to go to The Container Store or Target and spend my life savings in plastic organization systems. Not only do I want it to be budget perfect, I don’t want it to look like something that’s purpose is just to organize.

Step in Real Simple magazine. I <3 Real Simple magazine! With Spring now here, I am going to feature a few of my favorite articles from Real Simple magazine throughout the week to help you get your Spring cleaning done without breaking the bank and making your house look great. Most of the items inside the articles I am sure you could find at a Yard Sale!


  1. Coat Rack for Jewelry Organizer
  2. Nail Polish as Key Coder
  3. Business Card Holder as Sugar Pack Carrier
  4. Laundry Bag for Dish Washer
  5. Matchbox as Travel Size Sewing Kit
  6. Tall Vase as Toilet Paper Holder
  7. Magnetic Clip as Recipe Holder
  8. Bubble Wrap as Travel Jewelry Organizer
  9. Toilet Paper Roll as Cord Keeper
  10. Rubber Bands as Strap Holders
  11. Tissue Box as Grocery Bag Holder
  12. Mailing Tubes as Free From Wrinkle Fabric Keepers
  13. Shower Cady for Different Uses
  14. Desk Paper Organizer as Cutting Board/Pan Holder
  15. Contact Lens Case as Pill Keeper
  16. CD Case as Recipe Holder
  17. Return Address as Labels
  18. Napkin Holder as Bill Organizer
  19. Popcorn as Packing Material
  20. Binder Clip as Money Clip/Key Holder
  21. Dustpan as Toy Gatherer

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