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    Oct 22

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    Meet Eastern Shore Mom

    Hey Y’all! My name is Aubrey Nix and I am the proud owner of EasternShoreMom.com. I started couponing in 2008, just after my first child was born. How long have I been frugal? Well, since WAY before I had a family of my own. I credit it all to my mother & father who taught me the value of a dollar and how to work to earn it. I can remember clipping coupons on Sunday NOT for my mother but for myself if I wanted a special kind of something! I will admit that sometimes it is an obsession and fault but most of the time it is a great hobby, past-time, and life skill. I find everything about saving money and creative ways to do it so much fun and I am excited to have a place where I can share my frugal lifestyle with everyone.

    About EasternShoreMom.com

    I started this website as a service to my friends and family, not knowing that it would grow to be something so popular and helpful. People always say to look for a “need” in the community and then build your service to that need. Obviously “People” were right! The community needed ways to save money and I am thrilled to provide you all with the place to find them . The lord works in mysterious ways because when this site first launched I would never have dreamed that it would build into what it has become. I am so blessed to be able to meet all of the wonderful ESM readers that contact me and have such a great group of not just followers but FRIENDS.

    This site was created and is written just for YOU! From the deals I post, freebies I find, and GIVEAWAYS held, I focus mainly on you the reader and what YOU want to see. You guys are who keep the site alive and make it worth my time to publish ways to save money as a mom, parent, grandparent, etc.

    You will find that any deal I find or shopping trip I take I will spell it out completely for you, down to the last dime, so you know exactly how I spent what I spent. There are no secrets or behind the scenes savings, it is all up front for you to see and copy to save money for yourself. I myself am a full time working mother and I know how difficult it is to save money when I am so busy. However, I will give you step by step directions to take the “planning” step out of it for you. All you have to do is follow the steps to save the same amount of money as I do. You will be an INSTANT PRO!

    You will find that I say this often but I will say it again, no one knows everything when it comes to couponing and money. Even a veteran couponer can learn something from a beginner. That is why it is so important to share on the site using the comment option below the post or the ESM Forum. Also, feel free to email me and tips you have- I LOVE reader submitted tips ;-)

    I encourage you to find a couponing buddy or an “accountability partner”. It will make finding deals and saving money so much more fun when you have someone shopping or doing it with you.

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