Frugal Friday: ESM’s Favorite FREE iPhone Apps

White iPhone 4Reporter: “If you were stranded on a deserted island and you ¬†could have one material thing, what would it be?”

ESM: “My iPhone!”

It seems everywhere I go these days when I look around everyone has an iPhone. I absolutely love mine, it is my source of information throughout my day. The apps are my favorite, I love finding new and FREE apps to share with everyone. Here is a list of some of my favorite FREE apps for iPhone:

Around Me- Find anything around you at that moment. From restaurants to gas stations to banks, Around Me will find them!

Shazam- I am always hearing a song that I want to know the name to, & Shazam does just that!


Siri Personal Assistant- I am not sure what I did before this app. You can ask it ANYTHING, to call a taxi, to find a restaurant that serves something, to email you a reminder, to find a concert, to check the temperature in Hong Kong, etc. Siri your personal assistant helps you with everything, & he never complains! Plus, it is all hands free with voice activation.

Tango- If you have an iPhone4 but hate having to find WiFi to FaceTime this is the app for you. Tango is FREE and allows you to Face chat with anyone over just the standard 3G signal.

Wi-Fi Finder- Are you out and need to find a place that has FREE Wi-Fi? This is the FREE app for you. He can find Wi-Fi anywhere around you and direct you right to it!

Do you have a favorite FREE iPhone app? Comment below and share with us the app name so we can all snag it!

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