• 30 Must-Have Items when Traveling to Disney: Day 3

    Aug 11

    Have you heard the news? In September I will be traveling alongside our frugal-Disney writer Krista to Disney World! We both will be sharing all of our fun & frugal finds while we are there on the blog and on the EasternShoreMom.com & Krista Albrecht Disney Vacation Specialist Facebook pages! Be sure to “LIKE” them both and follow along. We have 30 days until our trip and Krista wants to share with all of you her MUST HAVE FOR DISNEY products so every day she will share a new one. Here is today’s Disney Must Have…

    “What do we do if it rains?” As a travel planner, this is one question that I often get from clients who are getting ready to leave for vacation at Disney World or Disneyland. As someone who has experienced the parks in all different types of weather (from 114 heat index to 13 degree temps) I am happy to say that rain is not your worst enemy. There are a couple of things that you can do to help make a rainy day more enjoyable.

    First, make sure everyone in your group has a rain poncho. You can buy rain ponchos for about 1.00 before you leave home or Disney sells rain ponchos in the gift shops for around 8.00 each. While ponchos from home are probably less expensive, I will have to say the Disney ponchos are very high quality and if one rips or tears while you are at Disney then they will replace it for free at any gift shop.

    The upside to rain is that the crowd level usually decreases once it starts to rain which results in a shortened wait time at the rides and attractions. Most attractions and lines are covered or indoors which will allow you to stay out of the rain for awhile. And, if you are touring during the summer, a little rain can lower park temperatures.

    Overall, rain won’t ruin your day but do keep these tips in mind.

    Think about what kind of shoes you would want to wear if it rains. Some guests prefer tennis shoes but while tennis shoes can provide more foot coverage, they can get wet and soggy. Flip flops can dry faster but ask yourself if you want to slosh through Disney puddles with open shoes.

    Finally, make sure everyone in your group has a poncho. And, don’t forget to buy a separate poncho for the stroller!! Cover your stroller with a poncho (a dollar poncho should be fine) when parking it outside park attractions — Cover the stroller if it even looks like it might rain. There is nothing worse than coming back to soaked stroller — just ask my 4 year old. We learned this the hard way!!

    Most of all, have fun! There is something about Disney that makes everyone feel like a kid again. So, take this time to enjoy splashing in a few puddles and not worrying about what your hair looks like. Just enjoy!!

    For information on Disney & booking your dream Disney vacation contact Krista at krista@glassslipperconcierge.com

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