Studio 10 Viewers: My Publix Shopping Trip with help from Emeals!

eMeals - Easy Meals for Busy People!

Welcome Studio 10 Viewers! Here is some more information about this morning’s segment topic, Emeals!

I just got back from Publix for my weekly shopping trip. I’ll preface by saying I am the worlds worst dinner planner. I have a really hard time looking at what is on sale and figuring out items to make a wholesome dinner from, without the meals being prepackaged. I have my few “bag of tricks” recipes that I refer to all the time, but I want to try something different and expand my cooking horizons.

So I just signed up for Emeals for a YEAR, which is a service I had written about on and tried out once before. The problem before was that I was pregnant and had weird cravings and food aversions, so I didn’t succeed in using the service. But now, oh boy, I am so excited!

Basically Emeals allows you to choose the store you shop at each week, then they have menu choices like “regular” “low carb” or “low fat”, and after that each week they will send you step by step directions for a home cooked meal every night based on what is on sale. You can then print a grocery list that has listed every ingredient for each recipe, how much it costs that week at the store, and a total at the bottom that is so budget friendly it will blow your mind!

This week, we will be home 3 nights this week so I chose the top 3 meals that we liked from the list. After I left the store with the ingredients, my total was less that $45 with all of the otherĀ miscellaneousĀ things I purchased as well! Meanwhile, this week we will be having Meatball subs with orange slices, Bacon Penne Alfredo, & Chicken Soft Tacos… YUM!

Right now you can get your Emeals subscription for $5 a month! Click HERE to see the deal.

Join me and jump on the Emeals bandwagon. I am sure I will be talking about this a lot over the next year as I try to cook more at home with diverse dishes on a budget!

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