Couponers Anonymous: Prescription/Subscription for Coupons

Today through Friday I will be doing a Couponers Annonymous series on tips for the addicted couponer. If you can’t go anywhere without your coupons, look for coupons everywhere you go, or have trouble buying something at full price this is the series for you. If not, join in the fun and laugh at all the cooky coupon addict tips I have to share from my personal addiction to saving money. Who said being frugal wasn’t an addiction?

Level Three

Prescription/Subscription for Coupons

The first step is admitting you have a problem, and yes I have a problem. Coupons find me everywhere and in the oddest places. Here is my testimony:

I was sitting in the doctors office waiting on my appointment to begin. I trolled over the the magazine rack and found the latest month’s issue of Parenting magazine. While thumbing through it and looking at “HOT NEW TOYS” and “EMBARASSING MOM MOMENTS” I spotted one. Yep, it was a coupon. Tide Stain Release $2/1! I knew when I found it that I had a Target store coupon at home to stack with it and these two powerful pieces of savings put together would score me some super cheap Tide Stain Release. Out loud I muttered, “YESSSSS”. And so the addiction continues….

So here we have two places that I am highlighting this week in the Couponers Anonymous post. In my story above they were both combined, however you can find two totally different types of coupons in magazines and at doctors offices. Let me explain:

Magazine Coupons

Lots of manufacturers have started putting coupons within their ads in magazines. Not only is it great for the magazine but it makes the consumer look twice at their products ad and possibly try it with the coupon when without they would not have.

Tips for clipping magazine coupons:

  1. Be sure to scan the pages, after reading look around and be sure there is not a coupon in the ad. Also, check the front and back of the magazine for a possible coupon directory. All You magazine (the coupon magazine) has a coupon directory in the front by the index.
  2. Instead of trying to clip the coupons out of the magazine, tear the page out first. Most of the time the coupons will be on pages that have ads front and back so tearing the page won’t disrupt your reading. While you are reading the mag, tear the ads with coupons out and clip after you are finished reading or when you have time.

Doctors Offices

Ever think of this place as a coupon hot spot? If not, here is a new and exciting view to make the doctors office more fun and easier on your wallet.

  • Magazines-Always be sure to check the magazines in the doctors offices for coupons. Especially if you see a magazine that you get at home and already pulled a coupon from, because chances are it is still attached to the page awaiting a couponer to come by and make good use of it. Now, play nice couponers. Don’t make an appointment just to score a coupon! But I see nothing wrong with taking advantage of something that would otherwise go unused.
  • Medicine Coupons- Have you ever asked for a coupon for that expensive medicine of yours? Try it! Lots of times doctors will be given coupons from the rep of the company to give to patients that request them. Also, check the dentist office for toothbrush or toothpaste coupons!

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3 thoughts on “Couponers Anonymous: Prescription/Subscription for Coupons

  1. I took my kid’s in to the doctors two weeks ago and had a great visit. not only did the kids not have strep throat, but I picked up a ton of coupons from magazines while waiting….. Especially loved the coupons for 20% off. … PS… The receptionist told me to take any that I wanted….

  2. I “harvest” coupons wherever I go. I keep an envelope in my purse where I collect my harvest. Have you ever just gone to a store to “harvest coupons”? It can be a rush! It is sort of like having a money tree. LOL

    I use to get my kids to help me spot coupons especially when shopping. I spy a coupon near the milk sort of game. They got to hold them and count “their money”.

    I use to get the kids to play “store” with the expired coupons and tell me how much they saved. It helped their math skills, taught them how to coupon and how to organize them too. May as well start them young!

  3. I asked my dental assistant if I could have the $2/1 Tide coupon I found in return for her “torturing” me. She started laughing & let me have it! :)

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