• Crafty Mom Monday: Wall Decor from Crayons!

    Aug 1

    I am ON A MISSION to become a Craftier-Mom! I can admit, I am green with envy of those moms that can do it all, and whip up these amazing DIY crafts that make their home look wonderful. Paired with my absolute favorite Do-It-Yourself websites, I am doing what I thought was unthinkable and transforming into not only a fugal mom, but a frugal crafty mom. The task is not easy, and I am sure I will be sporting lots of battle scars (like the one from the hot glue gun earlier) but being frugal & crafty will be a great add to the resume!

    I have been working on getting our daughter’s room painted, decorated, organized, & finished since we moved in March. I am almost there, however she lacks wall art! I have been looking everywhere for cute things to hang on her walls but I can’t seem to find anything that I liked OR liked the price of. While searching on my new obsession, Pinterest, I found this craft to make. It is super easy, cheap, & turned out absolutely perfect! Aren’t an artist? It is really difficult to mess this up, so this should be the perfect project for you!

    Here is what to do:

    1. Find a canvas of the size you want at your local craft store. I got an 11X14 for $10.99 then 40% off at Hobby Lobby over the weekend.
    2. Get out all of the broken or full size crayons you can find. You can use random colors or do what I did and find colors that match the decor in the room you are creating this for.
    3. Use a mini glue gun and feed through crayons one at a time, I used a similar color to feed through each color which faded nicely on the canvas. Note: The melted crayon will sometimes just spew out of the end of the glue gun, so do this outside or on some sort of drape cloth to prevent wax from getting everywhere.
    4. Stand the canvas upright and let the melted wax drip down the canvas. Move along the top of the canvas with each color. If the wax doesn’t cover much of the canvas the first go around, go back over with more colors to add depth.
    5. When finished, use a glue stick to push the rest of the last crayon out and clean the glue gun. I had to feed several sticks through to get all of the wax out of my gun & ready for my next project!

    This is such an easy craft & the end result will earn you the nickname Picasso! Enjoy!

    Are you a Pinterest user? Follow me here & see all of the interesting things I have found online. Upcoming crafty mom Monday projects, frugal living ideas, recipes, & so much more!

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    • Jenny_is_busy

      Oh my gosh! Now I need  a glue gun. lol

    • http://www.occupiedlife.com Tanya

      That is SUPER neat!

    • lynn

      the dollar store usually has them for just a dollar…thats where i got mine! works exactly how i need it to. :D