How to Become an Extreme Couponer in 10 Days: Day 2

Will this series teach you how to save money on your every day shopping? Yes!

Will you learn the right way to coupon? Yes!

Is it easy & non-time consuming? Yes!

Will I learn to save the MAXIMUM AMOUNT I can when shopping? Yes!

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Day Two: Finding Coupons Online

When you are just starting out couponing you are going to feel behind in the fact that you don’t have as large of a “coupon collection” than others that have been doing this for a little while. A good  place to find coupons when you are just starting out is ONLINE! There are many different places online that you can print coupons, but before we do let’s establish some ground rules:

Print in BLACK & WHITE- There is no need to print these coupons in color, so go ahead and change your printer settings on your computer to black & white. If you have Windows go to START, then DEVICES & PRINTERS, & select your printer and RIGHT CLICK. Under PRINTING PREFERENCES you will find the option to print in black and white. Also, when it comes time to get new ink try places like Walgreens that refill your cartridge for around $10!

Don’t Print Every Coupon You Find- I know it may seem absolutely necessary to print that $.35/1 coupon right away but don’t. When you print these coupons without knowing when you are going to use them, there is a good chance you will just be wasting ink. Wait until you know you are about to buy that item then print it, not only does the coupon usually expire 1 month after you print it but there also may be a better coupon for that same product somewhere.

You Absolutely CANNOT Copy Coupons- I will repeat myself again, You Absolutely CANNOT Copy Coupons! Do not print a coupon & try to take it to a copy machine and make copies. You will get caught, this is illegal, just don’t do it!

So now that we have the ground rules down, where can we find said coupons?

Facebook! That’s right, Facebook has become a major source of high value printable coupons. The manufacturer’s have realized that they can connect with their customers through Facebook by putting coupons on the page. This rewards those fans that “LIKE” their page by giving them a coupon. If you don’t have a Facebook page, I suggest creating one even if it is a fake account just so you can take advantage of these offers. Be sure to LIKE as well so you get the alerts when I find a HOT Facebook coupon!

Online coupon sites like,,! These sites are going to have pages & pages of manufacturer’s coupons for you to thumb through. Remember our rule though, don’t print every coupon from these sites. Pick the ones out that are HIGH VALUE or for PRODUCTS YOU ARE ABOUT TO PURCHASE, we will also tell you right here on when there is a HOT coupon you want to print right away. Otherwise, leave the small value coupons on the internet until you are ready to use them.

Store websites like Target, Walgreens, & CVS! Each of these stores have a coupon section that offer manufacturer coupons & store coupons. These are a great place to find amazing coupons, especially on Target.

Your Favorite Brand’s Website! Be sure to check your favorite item’s website before making a purchase. Lots of times there are coupons sitting out there just waiting on their brand-loyal fans to find them.

There are many other places online to find coupons like, Right@Home, &

Did you miss Day One? Be sure to go back and review so you are following along. With each lesson all of you are on your way to becoming an Extreme Couponer! Be sure to join me right here on while we learn How to become an Extreme Couponer in 10 Days!

Do you coupon already? Give our newbies some advice in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “How to Become an Extreme Couponer in 10 Days: Day 2

  1. I would like to be taught how to become and extreme couponer how do you use all those coupond all at the same time when on the coupond all say one coupond per customer per purchase please show me haow to do this so i can save and get on my feet as well my email ddress is my name is Felica Lewis hope to hear from you soon

  2. i have the  same question about the fine print that says 1 coupon per product per purchase…please explain

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