How to Become an Extreme Couponer in 10 Days

With lots of controversy going around about the integrity of the couponers being portrayed in TLC’s new series, Extreme Couponers, there is the same amount of curiosity about how to become successful at couponing. We here at want to teach you everything we know about couponing & how to do it the right way, so we have put together a new series called…

Will this series teach you how to save money on your every day shopping? Yes!

Will you learn the right way to coupon? Yes!

Is it easy & non-time consuming? Yes!

Will you learn to save the MAXIMUM AMOUNT you can when shopping? Yes!

So why wait any longer, let’s get the teaching started! Be sure to read the entire 10 day series HERE. Have a question? Be sure to “LIKE” on Facebook and ask away!

Day One: Types of Coupons & Stacking Coupons

There are two types of coupons

Manufacturers Coupons- Which are found in your local newspaper inserts, online, in stores, & in magazines. These coupons are going to have the words “Manufacturer Coupon” written in the top left hand corner and the numbers under the barcode are going to begin with a 5 or a 9.

Store Coupons- These coupons are put out by the store. They will be found in the store circular, booklets in the store, online, or in the newspaper inserts. You will be able to tell that it is a store coupon by looking underneath the barcode for the numbers. Manufacturer Coupons will begin with a 5 or a 9, right? So then Store Coupons WILL NOT begin with those numbers. Sometimes the store coupons may resemble a manufacturer coupon, even saying in the upper left hand corner “Manufacturer Coupon” however when you look under the barcode, this is the true sign of if a coupon is a Store or Manufacturer.

What is Stacking coupons?

Stacking is when you use (1) Manufacturer Coupon and (1) Store Coupon on one item. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO DO THIS AT EVERY STORE. When you are shopping a store that accepts store coupons (they put out store coupons for their store OR they accept competing store’s coupons) you want to make sure before you shop to check and see if there is a store coupon AND a manufacturer coupon for the item you are purchasing. If so, you are saving the MAXIMUM amount of money while you shop, because you are using two types of coupons on that one item.

What can I NOT do?

You CANNOT do a 3 way stack, using 1 manufacturer coupons & 2 store coupons. You can only stack 1 mannufacturer coupon & 1 store coupon on one item, this rule is the same at every store.

You CANNOT make copies of any type of coupon. Whether it be an internet printable coupon or a newspaper coupon, copying coupons is a federal offense and you will be put in jail. I know this sounds silly but it is actually very serious. Saving money is not worth the consequences of doing things illegally, so just don’t even try it.

These are the very-basics to couponing. Once you have the above information, you are steadily on your way to becoming an Extreme Couponer! Be sure to join me right here on while we learn How to become an Extreme Couponer in 10 Days!

Do you coupon already? Give our newbies some advice in the comments below!

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61 thoughts on “How to Become an Extreme Couponer in 10 Days

  1. Im 13 and my  mom has back issues so i am one of 4. im pretty much the only one that helps her, and my dad is in RehaB. so i want to teach her. so what do i teach her and how do i do it. 

  2. Omg if I start couponing maybe my mom will she how much money we r saving and she will do it to cuz we r kinda struggling right now

  3. we r too and if yuo start couponing i will support you and maybe i will start coupoming to thanks for the confidence i will pray for you and your family.

  4. So i just recently started doing this and was wondering what the 5 and 9 ment on the bottom of the manufacturing coupons. also, if i print the same coupon out from different web pages on the same computer can i use them all. Im not printing out the same one from the same web page?

  5. I just lost my job my husbands a factory worker and we have a baby with another on the way, if i use store coupons and manufactures coupons it stacks but i cant add a coupon that i would upload to my card?

  6. They dumpster dive at the recycle places in town where all they do is dig threw papers. They ask inns and doctors offices or any place with a lobby for there coupons. also they go to the newspaper place and ask for the extra inserts from them they they have partyies with the other people they know that coupon and trade for what they want also a library or college would have the computers to print all the coupons they need at little to know cost

  7. I am 25, recently engaged. We have two dogs and two girls…My fiance was recently laid off and i only work part time……I need to start extreme couponing asap and i need help figuring out how to do it….please help

  8. im new to this and also boggled. i just called the newspaper company here where i live and they said they do not put ,manufacturer coupons in the paper and nobody here uses the coupons anymore. what else can i do to save money with no printer?

  9. This is my question. I have tried getting on couponing websites. The problem is that they make you do all the surveys and they change many areas on my computer. I have all kinds, in fact lifetime virus protection. I don’t want all the crap that the websites insist on downloading into my machine to be able to utilize the website. Help please!

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