Print Coupons, Without a Printer!

Ever seen a coupon online that you want to get but you are not hooked up to your printer right now? This happens to me all the time because I am on my laptop, and I am lazy at that second and don’t want to walk all the way into the office to the printer and connect. This is when I figured out I can still get the coupon even if I am not connected to the printer.

(Warning: Your Milage May Vary. The steps below are ones that work for me but I would test your computer on a coupon you don’t really need first just in case.)

  1. Print the coupon as you would normally, not hooked up to the printer
  2. After it says you’ve printed it, try waiting 5 to 10 minutes and hook up the printer. Your coupon should then print!

What happens is if the computer can’t print the page, it keep the item in que to print the next time you connect to the printer. This works as long as you don’t shut down your computer before you print. If you shut the machine down, the items in que disappear.

Try it now! Head over to and see if this works for you.

Another time this helps:

When you are out of ink and haven’t made it to the store but there is a HOT coupon you want to print before it is gone

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3 thoughts on “Print Coupons, Without a Printer!

  1. I do this ALL the time. I use my laptop most of the time downstairs, and the printer is upstairs in the office. I’ve had 14 pages in que before and all of them printed when I finally hooked it up. I love m Dell :-)

  2. It’s amazing. I have print this coupon and it might help a lot.  I have used this printer with my dell laptop.

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