Frugal Christmas Idea: Elf on a Shelf Alternative

A friend of mine Cara shared with me an awesome (and FRUGAL) alternative to Elf on a Shelf. The original can be kind of expensive and I have put off getting one so this is a welcomed suggestion.

Target has these Elves on sale for $3.99 in the stocking stuffers section of the Christmas stuff at my local store. They are called “Jolly Knit” on the tag and are adorable and budget friendly. Above is a picture of Cara’s Elf named “Buddy Sprout”. Want ideas of how your Elf can get into mischief around the house? Click HERE for Disboards with tons of suggestions from people with what their Elves do!

What is Elf on a Shelf? It is where an Elf comes to your home before Christmas by Santa’s orders to make sure the kids are behaving to stay on the nice list. He also provides helpful suggestions to stay on the nice list like cleaning their room, etc. You can name your Elf and at night he reports to Santa. When he is left alone, you have to remember he is an Elf and they get into a lot of mischief so beware ;-)

Do you do Elf on a Shelf? Any suggestions on how to make it more fun?

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