Welcome Newbies to ESM!

If you are new here, WELCOME to EasternShoreMom.com! Go ahead and click your “Bookmark” icon, because we would love it if you came back to visit again. Below is a little information that goes “below the surface” of EasternShoreMom, affectionately known as ESM.

Who is Eastern Shore Mom?

Get to know me, the author of EasternShoreMom on my “About Me” Page.

Posting Schedule

These are the regularly scheduled posts, of course there is TONS more than this but these are what is already planned out.

Sunday- Target, Walgreens, CVS, Catch of the Day

Monday- Monday Moneymaker, Catch of the Day

Tuesday- Publix Ad Deals (if ad comes out early), Last Call! Store Roundup, Catch of the Day

Wednesday- Winn Dixie Ad Deals, Publix Ad Deals, Catch of the Day

Thursday- Best Meat Prices, Catch of the Day

Friday- ESM Weekend Planner, Catch of the Day, Frugal Tip Friday

Saturday- Walgreens & CVS (if the ad comes out early), Catch of the Day

Beginners Guide

When starting out couponing, there are lots of online programs and links you want to sign up for and know about to catch the deals in time. Lots of time the freebies & coupons are for members of a certain club (Kraft First Taste is an example) and if you are not members you will miss out on great deals! For you beginning out there, or those of you that are veterans but unaware of some of these cool offers, I have compiled the below post the help you step out into the frugal world and become a part of all the fun!


Create an Email Address for FREE: What is saving money if you are having to pay for an email address to get all the deals? It is a good idea to have a “DEAL” email address to sign up for all of the clubs and programs with. That way all the spam that may be associated with signing up for these things does not bog down your personal account. You can sign up FOR FREE with YahooGmail, & AOL for an e-mail account. Beginning


Start signing up! Here is a list a brief description of things I suggest signing up for:

Coupons & Freebies

Rewards Programs

  • Swagbucks- This is a FREE search engine powered by Google where you earn points for searching that you can redeem for gift cards and other prizes. You will hear A LOT about Swagbucks on EasternShoreMom!

Survey Programs-

  • Inbox Dollars- This is a good programs that sends you emails and surveys, then you earn cash.
  • Neilson Home Scanner- Lots of people who have been approved for this have had success. You apply and they send you a scanner- you scan your products in and earn cash & prizes. It is a consumer panel.

Photo Deals-

  • CVS- Get 50 FREE prints when you sign up for a FREE account online.
  • York Photo- Get 40 FREE prints when you sign up for FREE account online.

Store Cards & Programs

  • CVS- Sign up for your CVS card.
  • Publix- Sign up for The Baby Club, Family Style, Grape Magazine, Greenwise, & The Toddler Program.
  • Rite Aid- Sign up for your Wellness Card.
  • Winn Dixie- Sign up for a Winn Dixie Card & The Baby Club

Connect with EasternShoreMom

Do you know all the ways to connect with EasternShoreMom readers online? Below I have listed all of our social media/online resources. If you are not a follower/member/fan/friend you should be! You never know when a surprise gift card giveaway will pop up or when you are going to miss out on important info shared on there. Lots of the time I use the social media sites to get quick and important information out until I can get home and blog about it.

FACEBOOK: EasternShoreMom has a FAN page of Facebook and a FRIEND page on Facebook. Become and fan and friend of both so you don’t miss a thing!

TWITTER: Do you follow EasternShoreMom on Twitter? If not, this is a great way to know when new blog posts go up. Right away when I post a new blog entry they are tweeted through the ESM Twitter Feed.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. When you use them, you help support this site. Thanks so much!

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