Coupon Policy Change: Fairhope, AL Publix

There has been LOTS of confusion & contacting me over the Fairhope Publix coupon policy today. I have called and spoke with a few of my friends at the Fairhope Publix, the store manager and customer service manager, to get this all cleared up so all of you understand exactly what the change means.

THE CHANGE: No longer will we be able to use MULTIPLE of the same “competitor” coupons or “competitor” internet printable coupons if it states on the coupon “ONE OFFER/COUPON PER TRANSACTION” or something to this effect.

For example:

“Limit one coupon per transaction” = one deal per purchase

However, some “competitor” printable coupons do not state this, so you will be able to use multiples of those coupons.

For example:

“Limit one item or offer PER COUPON” = meaning you have to have TWO coupons if you are buying multiple items, this coupon does not apply to multiple deals

Considering the Fairhope, AL Publix does not have to accept competitor coupons at all, this is an understandable change. Everytime they accept one of these coupons, they are losing money.

This does mean you will have to pay attention to the fine print of these coupons. However, it is ONLY ON THE PRINTABLE COMPETITOR COUPONS, not printable manufacturer coupons or ones you clip from the paper. You can tell if a coupon is a manufacturer coupon by looking for the “5″ or “9″ at the beginning of the barcode.

Hope this clears things up, if you have any questions comment below and I will be around to answer this evening!

For the complete coupon policy for the Fairhope Publix or information about shopping a Publix near you check out ESM’s Store Specific Couponing Guide! I will be adding this to the Publix policy as well.

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6 thoughts on “Coupon Policy Change: Fairhope, AL Publix

  1. Technically, it’s not just printable competitor coupons. It’s the Wags coupon book too according to the sign posted at Publix.

  2. Is there anywhere to find the couponing policy for the Daphne publix? I’m debating driving across the Bay for some of the deals!

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