Walgreen’s Couponing 101

Couponing at Walgreen’s can be incredibly successful. Here are some tips and tricks when shopping Walgreen’s.

  • Register Rewards- Walgreen’s RR (Register Rewards) print out after your receipt as a coupon valid towards your next purchase. The coupons print after you buy certain items, specified in their ad (sometimes not advertised in store). Register Rewards do not require any rewards card to participate but be careful because they can expire quickly. How you use these RR’s to make money is by buying things in split transactions and using the coupons you get from 1 transacton on another. They allow you to do more than one transaction per visit BUT you have to have the same number of items or more items than you have coupons. Example: If I had (2) coupons for (2) bottles of Excedrin and wanted to use my RR coupon as well, I would have to ad another item to the cart to do so. (Tip- Use a “filler item”. One that you have a free product coupon for, something that is super cheap, or something that earns you more RR’s that you may need.)
  • Walgreen’s Coupon Booklets- Always be on the lookout for Walgreen’s coupon booklets and Walgreen’s coupons in the weekly ad. You can “stack” manufacturer coupons with these to save more $money$.
  • Ad Deals- Be sure when shopping to have a copy of the ad from the front of the store. You want to be sure you are picking up the correct product (size, oz., etc). Otherwise, you won’t get the correct price and/or Register Rewards.
(Keep this in your coupon file just in case you have problems)

If you have any problems with your store, contact the corporate office at: 1-800-WALGREENS

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2 thoughts on “Walgreen’s Couponing 101

  1. i whent to walgreens the other day you can only use one rr at a time now where you once could use multable also you can not use these to by tabaco itams as i have larned but i do get good diles with them all the same i just thought i would let you know

  2. Hi I went to my closet Walgreen’s today and got a unwanted suprise. They said they had had a big meeting and from now on we can only use 1 coupon per item! She said no Walgreen’s coupon with a manufactor coupon will work any more. I sure hope that is just this one store because that is a big bummer if it is every where.They were very careful to go over and recount how many coupons I had used! When I said that’s what Walgreen advertises is use the Sun coupons at Walgreens. She said not anymore. People were getting things for free! Duh that is the whole point. But she was not having any of that. She said we lose so much money from this. I really wish I had the nerve to tell her how they get paid for the coupons but I did not so maybe some one braver then me will try and tell them! Target and now Walgreens. It makes me wonder what other store’s are going to do next with us couponer’s.

    I do understand when they have people abusing the whole deal. Like I read on A Full Cup when the Sally Hansen nail polish RR were rolling that people were bragging about having already got over 200 bottles of nail polish! What the heck do they think is going to happen when they get that greedy!!I am just sad for the hard working people who need to use this to make the money go as far as possible without trying to get absolutely every last thing they can for free.

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